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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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advertising. we're following breaking news out of camden. a car slams into several homes
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sending debris flying on haddon avenue. we're live on the scene. gunned down in the atlantic city expressway. one person is dead and four others are hurt right in the middle of traffic. more than two dozen immigrants are ordered back to their countries. we'll tell you what the aclu is now planning. nbc 10 news starts now. >> tuesday morning. good morning. just after 6:00. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is late august. time to get back to school. it's a pretty nice day. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> i'll be late for school today, vai. enjoy this beautiful view from center city. look at that. chris cal clear skies. you can see the moon, just a sliver of the moon this morning. we're getting closer to sunrise, less than a half an hour away. we'll see bright sunshine today. it will be a warm day today. we're getting a cooler start this morning.
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look at all the 60s. more so than what we saw yesterday. andorra down to 64. 74 in center city. that is cooler than yesterday. everybody is feeling the cooler temperatures. 65 degrees in the suburbs. new jersey 67. to the lehigh valley, 59 degrees at this hour. the temperatures will be climbing. we will see sunshine. this is king of prussia, not a cloud to be found there. 71 degrees at 9:00. and then 81 degrees at noontime today. close to 90 for philadelphia. but the humidity will be lower and that is cooler than yesterday. 88 degrees in the suburbs. and a warm day in new jersey with the exception of the shore. a nice sea breeze blowing there. 80 degrees the high temperature. for the lehigh valley and delaware, sunny skies, mostly sunshine and upper 80s this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in just a few minutes. right now, jessica boyington standing by with the first alerç traffic update. >> we're watching out in camden, new jersey right now for an accident scene. a very serious accident scene under way on newten avenue and
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haddon avenue. injuries were reported on the scene. a cleanup and accident investigation under way as well. we expect that to be there for quite some time. also watching the road closures at the good shepherd presbyterian. this was a fire that happened at the church yesterday morning. still closing part of lansdowne avenue between 64th and 65th street. here's 95 around the broad street area. no big problems or delays here. all lanes moving north or southbound. vai and tracy? >> thanks for the updates, jessica. 6:03. we're following breaking news in camden. >> nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene on haddon avenue. tell us what happened. >> right now police are trying to clear this intersection. you can see that a tow truck driver has arrived. he's loaded up the chrysler 300 that is demolished. it will take some time 20 clear the debris here, littering haddon avenue as well as what is in front of these porches here.
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take a look at the point of impact, just beyond the porches. the driver who apparently lost control, hit a utility pole and then the porches here near newton and haddon. one witness says the car became airborne right away. the car ignited at some point. the driver was ejected. debris, including the engine, battery, glass, twisted metal and even church music that we see here down on the sidewalk, rained down on the street. we spoke with the man who was stunned by what he saw. >> i seen the guy flying down the street in the burgundy car but what drew my attention to it was the loud sound of him hitting the fourth car in line down there and it ended up flying into the house right there and ended up sitting in the position that it's in. and as you see, there's stuff everywhere. hundreds of feet around the car. >> reporter: three cars were damaged as well as the porches.
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we've learned as many as six families are displaced until inspectors can check out their homes to make sure they're safe. initially, those families were told to stay inside their homes because police just weren't sure what they were dealing with here. the unidentified driver has been taken to a local hospital. investigators say it's amazing, unbelievable, he was conscious when he left the scene. no doubt we'll be following this investigation and have the very latest information for you as soon as it becomes available. in camden, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thanks. 6:05. right now in atlantic county, one person is dead and four others hurt after a shooting on the atlantic city expressway. >> pamela osborne is live in hammington this morning. police are saying this shoots wag not random. >> that's right, vai, tracy. i checked in with police investigators very early this morning.
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as you can imagine, there's a lot of work that has to be done. they're interviewing witnesses and still have to talk to the victims. police are saying this was not a random act. all of the people involved knew one another. a total of four people were shot inside of this white expedition. they are all recovering at the hospital this morning. vehicle, rather, was found with a person dead in the passenger's seat of that car on the garden state parkway. that man had been shot as well but it's unclear how the driver of that car was taken into custody. state police tell us the shooting happened on the ac expressway near mile post 12 around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. the driver of the white suv was able to get to the egg harbor wawa where they asked for help. >> they almost sideswiped me coming in. when they parked, the driver was like can you please help us? i said i can't help you but i'll call the cops.
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>> reporter: police are not sure at this point in time if the suv and car were shooting at one another or if there was another vehicle with more passengers involved. and right near the main crime scene, police say they found a number of weapons they believe are also connected to the shooting. now, so far police have not identified any of the victims, the people that were shot, but  we do know they're all under the age of 40. police investigators working right now to learn a motive or what led up to this shooting. reporting live this morning at state police barracks, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. new this morning, philadelphia police hope surveillance cameras will help solve an execution-style murder in west philadelphia. police arrived at 55th and sampson streets just before midnight and found a man shot four times at close range. he died at the hospital. he's in his 20s. he's not been identified yet. police are checking a number of cameras in the area for useable surveillance video. >> the philadelphia district attorney isn't talking about the latest scandal for his office
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involving his personal life. stacey cummings faces charges of slashing the tires on two city-owned vehicles back in november outside d.a. seth williams overbrook home. she's williams' exgirlfriend and a city employee. the case is being handled by the delaware county d.a. to avoid a conflict of interest. williams did not address questions on the matter but mayor jim kenney said the d.a. should speak up. >> lots of balls in the air that we're juggling relative to the condition of the city and the future of the city. while there is a distraction, it's not my distraction. something he's going to have to talk about. >> the city says it cost taxpayers almost 1,000 today's fix those slashed tires. the mayor said he's not certain if cummings will keep her city job. seth williams is also fighting the perception of his most recent financials. a ruling by a federal
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appeals court could send a group of undocumented immigrants in berks county back to latin america. more than two dozen immigrants, mothers and children are being held at the county residential center in leesport. an appeals judge in philadelphia denied the families asigh lum, saying since they entered the u.s. secretly, they are not entitled to constitutional protections. the families plan to appeal the decision. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nine minutes after 6:00. about 20 minutes before sunrise. look at this beautiful view from ocean city. skies are clear. it will be a nice day at the shore. the ocean looks great, doesn't it? there's a risk that's lurking that begins a day. a rip current risk. activity in the tropics is coming together for çthe next couple days, right on through the labor day weekend. dangerous rip currents are possible starting today. there was a moderate risk. be on the lookout. the weather would be beautiful.
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67 degrees, 71 in philadelphia, 50s for the lehigh valley. the numbers are still falling and will be until just after sunrise this morning. 66 degrees in woodbine, may's landing is 66 and 74 now in atlantic city. sunshine and into the very low 80s. the sea breeze, that will limit the temperatures, warming up at the shore. not a terribly strong wind. the winds that are creating the rip current risk are way to the south in the carolinas. for the rest of the area, light scattered winds means a quick warmup today with sunny skies. barely a cloud in the sky this morning. stand by with your sunglasses and get ready for a warm day. the humidity will be lower and the temperature is not as high as yesterday for philadelphia, the suburbs and the lehigh valley, everybody will be in for plenty of sunshine. middle 80s this afternoon with partly cloudy skies for delaware, sunshine in new jersey and at the shore, there are the low 80s thanks to that sea breeze this afternoon. we're looking at a warm day and some warmer weather ahead.
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the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in a few minutes. 6:10, bill. 6:11 now this tuesday morning. we've had a couple of accidents, one in camden, of course, we have the oo one in philadelphia. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. jess, tell us more. >> philadelphia accident on 95. one of our majors. possibly starting to see delays on 95 southbound, the ramp to the vine street expressway is being blocked with an accident scene. we will keep you updated and we'll check for some delays in our cameras. route 309 around paper mill road looks great in both directions. no problems there. there's an accident in lower salford on the harleysville pike and gruber road. making sure your vote counts in november. >> we'll tell you about the nationwide warning from the fbi and why it's concerned about your ballot during the general election. plus, taking a stand by sitting down. the fallout continues for an nfl star refusing to stand during
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the national anthem. hear what our own nfl players are saying about colin kaepernick's decision.
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6:15. happening today at the george w. bush, miss america contestants arriving in atlantic city. the 52 hopefuls will be welcomed for the next two weeks later this afternoon. the festivities will end with the crowning of a new miss america on september 11th. the controversy continues over an anthem protest by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> kaepernick stayed seated during the national anthem before friday night's preseason game in san francisco. he said he was protesting systemic racism. kaepernick said he will continue to do so until he sees real change. nbc 10 caught up with several eagles players who weighed in on
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the protest. >> i support people that support their opinions. >> i think everybody has a right to express themselves. i think that's just what he was doing. >> eagles rookie linebacker mike tavares said he wanted to follow kaepernick's lead but his agent said that will not be the case and tavares will stand for the anthem when it's played at games.ç hollywood and comedy fans are mourning legendary actor gene wilder who died yesterday. ♪ there is no life i know to compare with your imagination ♪ >> that's wilder starring in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." he also was in blazing saddles, young frankenstein and the producers. his family says he died from complications with alzheimer's disease, surrounded by his family.
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he was 83 years old. this is part of a storm system that's moving across the great plains. 17 minutes past 6:00 a.m. if you're using 95 to get to work or get to school, listen up. >> jessica boyington is following an accident on 95. what are you seeing? >> we founded this accident scene, vai and tracy. looks like several lanes blocked right now. 95 southbound approaching the vine street expressway. partially blocking part of that ramp there as well. now you can see several emergency personnel on the scene. several police officers there. the accident scene is split in half. half of it is on the right-hand side, the next bit is on the left-hand side. one lane is squeezing by as everybody is getting this situation under control which will be a big problem on the southbound side of 95. that typically jams up really early. we're watching an accident scene on newton avenue and haddon avenue. this accident happened earlier
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this morning. there are seer you injuries that occurred from this accident scene. now that's closed and some cleanup will be under way there as well. there's an accident in lower salford on harleysville pike. and route 38 at haddonfield road, looks fine in both directions. more volume on one side but east and westbound looking good. more updates on 95 when i'm back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. getting ready for a sunny and warm day today. live view from center city where the skies will remain clear this morning. look at the lehigh valley. easton, crystal clear this morning. clear skies and very little wind. the temperatures have come down. in the lehigh valley more than the rest of the area, look at lenhartsville, macungie, all in the 50s. 60s in bethlehem, walnutport 64
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degrees. humidity down all around. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. 60s and 70s in new jersey. 60s in delaware, wilmington is 69 degrees. here they come. 12 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time in allentown. trenton is 3 degrees cooler. wilmington, dover, right where you were yesterday. humidity, that's beginning to be running lower through the day. but with sunshine, we'll still see a quick warmup this afternoon. what you won't see are showers or thunderstorms. there is a storm that we're watching, a system, a tropical system. you can see the spin in this system. this could become a tropical storm later today. it's forecast to stay offshore. but could pose a risk of rip currents for our coastline later today and over the next couple days. then another system in the gulf of mexico, potentially a stronger storm coming together could pose a rip current risk for our area into labor day. the first storm off the carolina coast could very well become a tropical storm later today.
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a minimal tropical storm stays out to sea. but close enough that rip current risks will be possible for delaware and for new jersey. then the next storm system coming together later today and an issue for us through labor day as it moves offshore, could bring heavy rains for the southeast but not for our area. we'll likely stay dry until we get to later in this week. otherwise, the forecast for the shore other than rip current risk, the weather looks great on through the holiday weekend. saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s with plenty of sunshine and no sign of rain. the one chance we've got for rain in our area comes later this week. dry conditions today. more humidity and warmer tomorrow afternoon. then wednesday night, and into thursday, that's our best chance of seeing much-needed rainfall for our area. once it clears the airy, beautiful weather ahead for the holiday weekend. friday, saturday, i'm talking sunday and monday as well.
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look at that. temperatures in the 80s, very low humidity. another warmup comes late next week into the 90s wednesday and thursday. tracy? >> bill, thanks. 6:21. a historic church in philadelphia goes up in flames. here's a live look this morning at the good shepherd presbyterian church. we'll tell you why firefighters are still there, still on the scene this morning. plus, take a look at this video from skyforce 10. we'll tell you why this crashed car is being investigated by police in new castle county and what they are looking for this morning.
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it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. philadelphia will honor the arena bowl champion soul tomorrow. a celebration rally is set for noon at the city hall courtyard. the soul took its second arena ball tight until 11 seasons by beating arizona friday night. and now to decision 2016,
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harry reid is asking the fbi to investigate the threat of russia tampering with u.s. elections. the fbi sounded an alarm about the potential breach of voter registration data in two states. nbc news says u.s. intelligence officials blame russian-based hackers. >> certainly states should ab wear that their systems are probably vulnerable. their systems are probably being scanned and probably being surreptitiously attacked. >> suspected russian hackers have been at the center of recent jolts to the current u.s. political landscape. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz was force ed d to resig before the democratic national convention. a quick check on the roads. a problem happening on the southbound side of 95 approaching the vine street expressway. you can see several lanes are
6:26 am
lost here. just a few moments ago all lanes were blocked. we'll start to see big delays. we'll have drive times and i'll check in with that around the 6:30 mark. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. beautiful view from ocean city. the sun just coming up right now. the temperature down to 72 degrees in ocean city. just a little bit cooler here at nbc 10, 71 degrees. neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> thank you, bill. replacing kathleen kane. we'll tell you what the pennsylvania senate is doing today and the man could could become the state's top prosecutor. and nbc 10 responds, a trip a lifetime turned into a nightmare for one local man. we'll tell you how harry hairston helps him get his money back.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody
6:28 am
who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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break news on "nbc 10 news today." a car crashes into several homes
6:30 am
in camden county. we're live on the scene with an update on the damage and what's next. a police pursuit in delaware ends with this crash. hear what officers are still investigating this morning. and a historic philadelphia church goes up in flames. we have an update on the fire and what crews are doing right now. this is nbc 10 news. >> good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. a beautiful morning to start your day. 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and your first alert bill? >> the sun is coming up right now. the temperatures cool down to 71 degrees in philadelphia. there it is crossing the horizon. 81 degrees. it will be a quick warmup but you'll notice the humidity is lower. that's led to chillier temperatures this morning, 59 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. ten degrees warmer than that in delaware but you've got sunshine, too, for frawley stadium. 81 degrees at 11:00 this morning. at the shore, the temperatures
6:31 am
not as warm as the rest of the area. inland new jersey, 89 degrees this afternoon. the shore, a bit of a sea breeze, 80 degrees. most of the rest of the area, upper 80s with low humidity through this afternoon. nothing more than a few scattered clouds. sunshine will be bright for the holiday weekend but there are some important changes ahead and a risk of some problems for shore communities and the delaware beaches. got to look at that when i'm back in just a few minutes. first, jessica boyington with an update from the first alert traffic center. >> watching 95 right now. pretty big delays right here around the vine street expressway. we do have one lane, it seems, getting by over here. this is the southbound side as well. that's plus rush hour volume and an accident scene, 33 minutes right now, speeds averaging into the 20s as well. several emergency crews on the scene with only that one lane getting by. earlier we had all lanes stopped as they tried to get the situation under control and move
6:32 am
everything over into the shoulder. we'll see pretty big delays there. i'm going to say, take a guess and say that will climb up, that drive time. you can see on the opposite side of the road, no big problems or delays. approaching that ramp for the vine street expressway, we are seeing that big delay. out in camden, there's an accident on newton avenue and haddon avenue. more details on that in just a moment. there's a road closure from that good shepherd presbyterian church fire that occurred yesterday morning. lansdale avenue still closed between 64th and 65th street. tracy? more on the breaking news out of camden where crews are on the scene after a car slammed into several homes. >> monique braxton is live at the scene on haddon avenue. tell what's happening right now. >> as the sunrises here over camden, public works crews are working along with police to clear this intersection. the car is now on the back of a tow truck. but so much debris remains.
6:33 am
here is video of the chrysler 300 and what it destroyed. investigators say the driver who may have been speeding, lost control, hit a pole near newton and haddon. one witness says the car became airborne, then hit porches and ignited at some point. the driver was ejected. take a moment to look at the engine, glass, twisted metal, even church musical sheets all rained down on the street. we spoke with one witness. >> the vehicle was on fire. the cops showed up immediately afterward. he said stay away from it, stay away from the guy. probably about 20 minutes later, a bunch of other cops showed up and they cautioned off the area. everybody stepped back. >> three cars are damaged as well as the porches. as many as six families are displayed until inspectors can check out their homes and deem them safe. initially folks were told to l
6:34 am
it was dark and police weren't sure what they were dealing with. we've just gotten an update from police. they tell us the unidentified driver is in very critical condition at a local hospital. miraculously, he was conscious when he left the scene. we'll stay on top of this investigation and have more for you as we get it. live now from camden, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. happening now, philadelphia firefighters are still on the scene of a church fire in overbrook, almost 24 hours after it started. nbc 10 cameras there and giving you a live look on lansdowne avenue near the church where it's still closed because of the fire. and firefighters are watching for flare-ups this morning after the church burned for hours. the fire started around 9:00 yesterday morning. the building known as the church on the hill stood here for a century and was home to five congregations. black smoke billowed from miles -- could be seen from miles away.
6:35 am
josephine mack and her mother were able to get out of the church safely. >> it just felt really fierce. it blou my miew my mind the way black spoke was twirling and coming through the floor. i panicked and told my mom to get out. >> the cause of the fire will not be determined until the hot spots are all out. 6:35 and 71 degrees. new this morning, police in wilmington are searching for the driver who crashed a car after a chase. skyforce 10 was over the scene at 9th and harrison streets where new castle county police were pursuing the vehicle when it crashed into a parked car. we're working to get more details on this chase and the driver who took off. some southwest philadelphia, police arrested two people inside a car that slammed into this auto zone car. police said they chased the car after the driver took off during a traffic stop in yeadon. the car went out of control at 70th and ellethwood. a woman walking into the store
6:36 am
was hurt but is expected to be okay. the senate will reconvene to vote on a new attorney general. governor tom wolf nominated beemer. he's a former top aide to kathleen kane who resigned as attorney general earlier this month. she was tried and convicted of leaking grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. the jury found her guilty on all charges including conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice. swastikas were spray paint at a park enjoyed by jewish citizens. nine of them were found sprayed near the horseshoe pit at echo lake park. police say the vandalism happened sometime in the last week. decision 2016 returns to pennsylvania today. hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine, will make two campaign stops in the keystone state. the democratic virginia senator
6:37 am
is scheduled to stump in erie and lancaster. tomorrow he'll be in bethlehem at an organizing event at the hanover township community center. as for clinton herself, "the new york times" reports she's preparing to debate donald trump by researching his possible weaknesses. >> the report says clinton advisers are talking to trump's ghost writer of his best selling book "the art of the deal" looking for insight into his deepest insecurities that clinton can use as a weapon during the debate.ç her team is also getting advice from psychology experts. the first clinton/trump debate is schedule for september 26th. meantime, donald trump's campaign is dealing with a black face controversy. >> we want to warn you, it involves an image you may find offensive. >> pastor mark burns tweeted this cartoon, showing hillary clinton in black face with a caption black americans thank you for your votes and letting me use you again. see you again in four years. burns in charge of whooing
6:38 am
african-american voters for trump. he later deleted the tweet and posted an apology video. donald trump is set to deliver major immigration speech in arizona tomorrow. a top campaign aide told nbc news trump will take aim at hillary clinton for unprecedented policies on amnesty. and now to a distraction for the clinton campaign. clinton's top aid huma abedin is separating from her husband, former new york congressman anthony weiner in light of a new sexting scandal involving weiner. >> abedin made the announcement yesterday. "the new york post" claims weiner exchanged explicit photos with another woman. weiner told the tabloid he and the other woman have been friends to are some time. he resigned in 2011 after his first sexting scandal. two years later, a similar scandal derailed his campaign for new york city mater. abedin released this statement, after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the
6:39 am
decision to separate from my husband. anthony an i remain devoted to doing the best for our son, who is the light of our life. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the sun is up, seeing sunlight falling on the clouds this morning. just a few scattered thin clouds. the humidity takes a break this morning. you can feel the difference this morning as the temperatures are running cooler. a warm, sunny day with low humidity and fairly light wind. we'll see a little bit of a breeze today. temperatures warm into the upper 80s. becoming partly cloudy this morning. some of the humidity that's missing will start creeping back into the area. overall, a nice-looking day. 71 degrees in philadelphia with bright sunshine, 70s this morning, into the middle 80s by lunch time today. 84 degrees. then a light northeasterly wind at 5 miles an hour. the temperatures warming into the upper 80s this afternoon. the suburbs, we're starting off with sunny skies, sunshine stays into the afternoon. noontime temperature of 81 degrees.
6:40 am
middle 80s this afternoo noonaf degrees by 4:00. a nice warmup in the lehigh valley. a cooler start, 59 degrees right now. look how nice and clear it is. that's the view from the lehigh valley this morning. 74 degrees later this morning and then it's into the 80s this afternoon with very little wind and the humidity stays low into this afternoon. for new jersey, see a few late-day clouds. right now it's in the clear, 65 degrees, 83 degrees this afternoon. then becoming partly cloudy later this afternoon, 85 degrees. a little bit of an easterly wind in new jersey. that easterly wind will be stronger at the shore. that's where you'll see temperatures in the very low 80s this afternoon. it will be a quick warmup, too. 80 degrees by 10:00 this morning. and for delaware, plenty of sunshine. 69 degrees to start with. through the 70s this morning. and into the 80s thisç afterno. but there are a couple things to look for for the delaware beaches and for the jersey
6:41 am
shore. starting today, a rip current threat, beach hazard, dangerous rip currents are possible. there's a moderate risk and it's not just today. tropical systems that are nowhere near us will pose a risk right on through the holiday weekend. we'll take a closer look at those systems when i'm back in just a few minutes as well as the 10 day on 10 to take you through the holiday and beyond. tracy? 6:41. stop pharmaceutical price gouging. >> we'll tell you how they're taking action this morning to try and lower the price of epipens. plus, a local man books a trip to see the olympic games in brazil but he never made it to rio. we'll tell you why he reached out to nbc 10 responds and how harry hairston got him a refund.
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quarter to 7:00. turning to nbc 10 responds now, a west deptford man said he was all set to board his flight to rio for the olympics but what happened at the airport left him ground. >> he found out he might not get a refund. he contacted harry hairston and nbc 10 spopdz. >> these are the moments emile planned to witness in person, the 2016 olympics, an event that was on his bucket list. >> i've been planning this trip for years. >> reporter: he booked online, flying jetblue out of newark with a connection on azul in orlando. trouble would start before he even boarded the first flight. maintenance plans and plane swaps delayed his flight by two hours, four hours, then seven, making it impossible to making his connection in orlando. >> they kept on telling me we're finding a way for you. >> reporter: he says jetblue never did. and later gave him even more bad
6:46 am
news. >> it was literally nothing we can do. >> reporter: he says jetblue told him the next available coach seat on azul would be in eight days or he could fly first class the next day for an extra $6,000. >> i wanted to cry. >> reporter: he says he asked jetblue for a refund on his coach seat. >> i should know something within six to eight weeks. >> reporter: with hopes to still make it to the games, he contacted nbc 10 responds right away. we contacted jetblue. it wouldn't comment on his case and didn't book him on another flight to rio. but one week later, jetblue sent him his refund. sooner than expected. he sent us this nbc 10 responds cam message and credits us for the early delivery. >> thank you very much. i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> he tells us he still plans to full hill his dream of going to the olympics. he says he's saving for the 2020
6:47 am
olympics in tokyo. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo 62 responde, file a complaint on for for spanish speakers. what do your instagram posts say about you? >> according to new research, they could tell others you're depressed. a instagram could reveal or predict depression. researchers looked at 166 volunteers, many of whom were identified as having clinical depression and researchers also used computer models to analyze tens of thousands of posted photos. they found depressed participants tended to have fewer group shots with lots of friends and researchers found depressed people more often use a filter that makes photos darkerç or black and white. >> i'm just going through my photos to make sure. they're bright, all very bright. a few minutes now before the start of the "today" show.
6:48 am
>> matt lauer and savannah guthrie join us for a preview of what's coming up at 7:00. >> good morning to both of you. >> coming up on a tuesday here on the show. huma abedin announcing that she is leaving her husband, anthony weiner after yet another sexting scandal comes to light. we'll have the latest on the fallout from that. >> also ahead, the donald trump campaign faces its own controversy this morning as a leading trump surrogate tweets a picture of hillary clinton in black face. he's apologizing but not backing down. >> and then the survivors in that st. paul sexual assault case comes forward for the first time. she and her family opened up to savannah about the ordeal and moving forward in an exclusive interview. diddy in the house. shawn diddy combs kicked off our summer concert series. he's now back to catch us up about his new tour and the new school he's opening. that's later on "today." we'll be throwing it back to the
6:49 am
'90s. >> diddy always entertaining. we look forward to that. >> he's awesome. thanks, guys. >> see you at 7:00. >> we'll see you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 11 minutes before 7:00. here it is. bright sunshine. look, there's barely a cloud in the sky. bright sunny skies and the temperatures will be warming quickly. we're getting a comfortable start. the humidity is lower. that's why it's nice and cool in the lehigh valley. the suburbs, 59 degrees. we did not see that yesterday. down to 68 right now in delaware, 69 at the shore and 70 in new jersey. there are cooler spots in philadelphia, too. bustleton, torresdale, fox chase, all in the upper 60s right now. look at germantown at 65 degrees. manayunk is 66 and now down to 73 in center city. definitely cooler than what we saw yesterday morning. and with bright sunshine, you'll need your sunglasses today. it will be a warm afternoon. the humidity not too bad today. watching a system to the west.
6:50 am
you can see it moving through the chicago area into the midwest and minnesota. that's our next chance of rain but it's not going to come until tomorrow night and into thursday. what we will have to deal with today are the effects from this. this is a tropical system that has not strengthened into a tropical storm. you can see spinning in here. this is close enough to our area to pose a rip current risk for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. there's one other system coming together. this one potentially stronger. doesn't look like much but all these bright white clouds and the showers and thunderstorms could be a stronger tropical storm coming together. it has yet to strengthen to tropical storm status. it will pose a risk rip current risk for our area right on through the holiday weekend. it's kind of a one-two punch at the shore when it comes to rip currents. other than the rip krntz, the sunshine will be bright. the temperature is nice for saturday, sunday and monday for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches.
6:51 am
upper 70s on saturday. a little bit warmer on sunday and into monday. a but full weekend, just keep an eye on that ocean and be careful if you're going into it. for today, 89 degrees in philadelphia. and the humidity stays low this afternoon. starts moving back in tonight. tomorrow morning it won't be quite as cool. a bit hotter tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night into thursday, we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms. a possibility for our area. that's a cold front. you will feel the difference when it clears the region with a fresh breeze blowing for friday. the weekend, the humidity comes way down. 81 degrees on friday, 82 on saturday. beautiful weather ahead, bright sunshine for sunday and monday. the humidity still low for labor day. up to 86 degrees, the high on monday. then a warming trend. we're not done with the 90s even after labor day come wednesday and thursday into the low 90s. tracy, vai? >> nine minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work. we continue to follow a problem
6:52 am
on 95. >> 95 southbound at 676. is that right, jessica? has it cleared out? >> the accident has been cleared out of the way. we still have some delays in place. 95 around the vine street expressway area, doing a bit better. either way, big delays behind that. 95 gets sticky around this time anyway. 46 minutes for your drive time. average speeds down into the teens. we're really slow. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. also watching an accident on lower salford, harleysville pike and gruber road. here's the admiral wilson boulevard in camden. right behind our graphics over here, that's the ben franklin bridge. no problems or delays leading up to the bridge right now. you can see that through the admiral wilson boulevard. in camden, we're watching an accident scene on newton avenue and haddon avenue. there were injuries reported there on the scene as well. still watching road closures for the good shepherd presbyterian
6:53 am
church. there was a fire in this church yesterday, lansdowne avenue is still closed. we're breaking down the primaries happening across the country and what to look out for. >> an eagles player is until the national spotlight for his talent off the field. we'll tell you about jon dorenbos and what he will be doing tonight in front of millions.
6:54 am
6:56 am
here's some of the top stories we're following for you today. >> today arizona senator john mccain faces a primary challenge a day after his 80th birthday. polls show him leading his republican rival.
6:57 am
in florida, marco rubio and debbie wasserman schultz also face primary tests. schultz headed the dnc before a scandal forced her out. more than 600,000 outraged consumers signed petitions over the epipen price hike. mylan pharmaceutical is based near pittsburgh. it increased the price of the life-saving pens by more than 400%. the reforms are designed to stop companies from price gouging. happening today in south jersey, hundreds of children will get new backpacks as they head back to school. the cooper foundation will give out more than 900 backpacks at cooper nor cross academy in camden. they were donated by cooper university health care employees during a operation backpack drive this summer. watch dorenbos on "america's
6:58 am
got talent" tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on theç roads. we're watching the schuylkill expressway around belmont avenue. more delays right at this point headed westbound. you can see a slow go there. the drive time not doing too bad. 20 minutes westbound from center city from the vine street expressway to the blue route. average speeds in the 30s. a little slow in both directions there. we're watching this accident scene in camden. tieing things up a little bit there. sun glare out in cherry hill, new jersey, route 30 around haddonfield road. not a lot of cars out there, though. that might cause a little bit of a problem for you. west germantown pike and walton road, watch for that accident. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a minute before 7:00. just a few thin, scattered
6:59 am
clouds, mainly sunny skies. a nice clear view across the delaware. you can see the glow of the morning sun on center city. meantime at the shore, ocean city, new jersey is going to be looking good today. nice and clear to start with but there is a hazard lurking in the ocean as the tropics heat up, a rip current risk for the jersey shore and for the delaware beaches through labor day. a moderate risk for those areas. the temperatures this morning have dropped into the 60s and 70s at the shore. it will be a beautiful shore day. otherwise, low 80s this afternoon. as you can see by the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen, the rest of the area will warm into the upper 80s and turning a bit muggier and warmer tomorrow. >> you'll have to be careful of the rip tides. >> absolutely. get realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching, thanks for joining us this morning.
7:00 am
the "today" show starts right now. >> i just lay on the beach. >> the rip tide, don't go in the water. good morning. weiner's woes. anthony weiner dumped from two dumped from two jobs on the same day his wife announces she's leaving him. the question now could this lead to a new investigation. double whammy. two big storms churning in the atlantic, both expected to intensify today. why she's opening up now, what she thinks about owen labrie's sentence and the cam she hopes will bring good from her painful


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